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Sumit Tiwari

Sumit is a Video Editor and Director, currently based in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He took up video editing in 2017 as an hobby, but soon with regular practice and love for his craft, it became his profession.

He believes that, every cut should be made in order to take the story forward, without altering the vision of the audience

Understanding the mindset of the clients and bringing the best out of their concepts, is what Sumit is best at.

Shudhanshu Singh

Shudhanshu is a Cinematographer and Photographer, based in Gorakhpur.
He is quite good at framing the shots perfectly.

He likes to convey the message of the story, with the accurate camera angles and movements.

Shudhanshu is also known for his amazing cinematic wedding cinematography and creative pre-wedding shoots.